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Linseed flour

The product is made from the cake, which remains after the production of cold-pressed oil. Flaxseed flour, in addition to vegetable fats, contains all the components of seeds, it is very easily absorbed by the body. The value of flax flour is due to the nutritional and pharmacological properties of linseed. 30% of the product is fiber, which helps to naturally cleanse the body and normalize the digestive tract. In terms of taste, linseed flour is slightly different from wheat flour in taste and smell



Vitamins: F, A, E, D, B-complex, K .;      

Micro-, macroelements: K, Zn, Fe, Mg, P, etc .;      

Fatty acids: the record holder for the content of Omega-3 (60%), Omega-6, Omega-9; contains a complex of amino acids.      


Linseed flour - benefits

When consumed regularly, linseed flour:

1) lowers blood sugar levels;     

2) normalizes the digestive tract, improves the activity of the thyroid gland and liver;     

3) improves immunity;     

4) strengthens blood vessels, making them more elastic;     

5) prevents inflammation;     

6) improves the condition of hair and skin.     

The product is very effective in losing weight, helping to normalize metabolism. The high protein content in the composition maintains the whole body in good shape, promotes rapid cell regeneration.


Linseed flour - how to use

  1. Linseed flour is used primarily for baking. The product should be introduced into the diet gradually. To begin with, you can replace ⅓ of wheat flour with linseed flour and gradually increase its amount.

  2. The product goes well with cereals, oatmeal.

  3. Since linseed flour is quite fatty, it is necessary to reduce the amount of added oil in the dishes.