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Ghee butter

Ghee butter

Ghee butter is a valuable natural product that is in great demand not only in Ayurveda. It has incredible health benefits, so it should be in every kitchen. Ghee butter is made from high quality butter by heat treatment that lasts for several hours. As a result, milk proteins and other impurities settle to the bottom. The product is very easily absorbed by the body, fills the body with fatty acids, without accumulating bad cholesterol. Ghee butter is ideal for those with lactose intolerance.



Vitamins: E, A, D, B3. Micro-, macroelements: Ca, Na, K, Cl, Fe, Mg.      

Fatty acids: linoleic (Omega-6) and other beneficial substances.      

The product does not contain casein, lactose and colorants. Consists of 100% butter.  


Ghee butter - properties


Ghee butter is actively used not only in Eastern, but also in European cuisine. The product can be used for frying, as it starts to smoke at + 250°C. Ghee is added to cereals, soups, snacks, desserts. It is considered useful to mix butter with dried fruits - this is an excellent alternative to harmful sweets. Ghee is a great substitute for butter.

Treatment and prevention      

Due to the absence of protein in the product, the product is excellent for those who are allergic to casein. Ghee butter has excellent anti-inflammatory properties, and the digestive system is less prone to bloating and irritation when consumed. Regular consumption of ghee butter:

  1. Improves digestion by increasing the secretion of stomach acids and lipids.

  2. Promotes collagen synthesis, which improves the condition of the skin.

  3. Linoleic acid in the composition helps to reduce body fat.

  4. Improves brain activity thanks to polyunsaturated fats.

  5. Helps in the treatment of erosive and ulcerative formations of the stomach.

  6. Promotes the elimination of toxins from the body.

  7. Improves immunity, hair condition and the body as a whole.

To maintain the normal functioning of the body, it is necessary to consume ghee butter daily.


  1. Ghee contains substances that slow down the aging process of cells.

  2. The use of the product helps to improve the condition of hair, skin and teeth.

  3. It is very effective when added to homemade masks - it helps get rid of irritation, removes dryness and relieves inflammation.

  4. Also for weakened hair, you can apply a small amount of butter to the hair.


Ghee butter - how to use

The product can be used for cooking various dishes. As a prophylactic agent, it is recommended to consume no more than 2 small spoons per day.


You can buy Ghee butter from Waily in Odessa in just a few clicks. We will advise you and introduce you to other natural products of our brand.