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Hemp flour

The high-value hemp seeds "Cánnabis satíva" are used to make not only oil but also flour. This food crop has been in great demand for centuries. At all stages of working with raw materials, we avoid thermal and chemical treatment. This allows us to produce a completely eco-friendly product that retains its useful components. Hemp flour has an unusual olive color and a light nutty flavor.



Vitamins: F, A, vitamins B, E, K, D.      

Micro-, macroelements: Zn, Ca, Mg, Fe, Mg, Mn, K, S.      

Fatty acids : Omega-3, Omega-6, Omega-9, a complex of amino acids and an antibacterial substance - chlorophyll.      


Hemp flour - health benefits

Regular consumption of hemp flour is necessary:

  1. To increase mental and physical performance, improve memory.

  2. To improve the functioning of the intestines, liver and normalize metabolism. Coarse dietary fiber in flour helps to cleanse the digestive tract, and also has an anthelmintic effect.

  3. In case of exhaustion of the nervous system. Hemp flour helps to relax, recover faster after fatigue.

  4. To improve the lactation process and accelerate recovery after childbirth.

  5. As a prophylactic agent it is used against male infertility, prostatitis.


Hemp flour - how to use

  1. The product will perfectly complement a smoothie, will be an addition to a side dish or first course.

  2. Hemp flour is used for making gravy, as a thickener for sauces, as a breading for cutlets, vegetables and meat.

  3. In addition to cooking, hemp flour is used as a cosmetic - as an additive to homemade masks, a scrub to cleanse pores.