About Us
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About us

Waily is your assistant in the world of conscious consumption. We create stable traditions of making quality healthy food products. The main principle of Waily is the production of the only natural, wholesome, and truly pure products, where profit is never put above quality. We fully control the production cycle: from harvesting of raw materials to the release of goods for sale. The mission of our company is to help people lead a conscious and healthy lifestyle. Our online store offers a wide range of cold-pressed oils and other organic foods.

Waily is open to all types of cooperation to popularize the concept of healthy eating consumption with eco-stores, fitness centers, gyms, and wellness centers, as well as any other places that want to offer quality craft products to their customers. For wholesale buyers, there are more favorable conditions for the purchase of our products, which are negotiated individually and depend on the amounts purchased. Besides, we are eager to cooperate with bloggers and influencers who promote healthy eating concepts among their audience.